Saturday, March 19, 2016

Something very cool

So, last Friday, I attended my friend's game session, expecting to experience Savage Worlds again (as it was his week, which he alternates with the person running D&D 5). My friend did not run Savage Worlds. Instead, he ran something which he was literally coming up with off the top of his head, taking an occasional two-minute break to create a simple table.

I won't detail what it was exactly, but it was awesome, and one of the other players has tentatively enlisted me as an editor if the two of them decide to organize and possibly publish this brand-new game. All I'm going to say at this point is that it is not a medieval fantasy game, and it's similar in concept (if much cooler in execution) than a highly-anticipated video game from eight to ten years ago. If it does get into the planning stage, I might write a quick preview of it here.

Sorry if this post seems like a bait and switch. I'll be sure to write a better post later this week.

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