Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review/shameless plug: Ternketh Keep, and the Airship of Horajefa

So, in case my one follower hasn't heard, Alexis Smolensk of The Tao of D&D has been providing some cool stuff - ranging from an adventure module to an early preview of his upcoming novel - in exchange for donations to help him out with rent and bills. For $15 CAN, the prospective donor gets a copy of the adventure he talked about at length on his blog, Ternketh Keep (a preview of which can be found here), as well as the deck plans and description of the airship that can be used to get there. I took the plunge and donated, and let me tell you, it's worth every penny.

Not only is the module itself pretty cool, and designed to be easily adaptable to any suitable fantasy RPG (although it's designed for AD&D, and Alexis includes a few notes on using it with other systems), but both it and the airship can be provided in PDF or Microsoft Publisher format, or both upon request; the descriptions are in Microsoft Word format, but considering that most people will be using Gmail (in fact, Alexis mentioned that some donors had issues with the download in other email clients), it can be easily opened and saved in a more convenient format if you don't have the newer versions of Word that use .docx files.

I highly recommend donating at least $15.00, as this module is pretty cool and the airship is very well designed - even suggesting a Spelljammer-esque means of celestial travel. Plus, the donations are going directly to help out a guy who I'd certainly like to be able to continue blogging. The page explaining the various rewards is here.

(Full disclosure: I was not asked nor paid by Alexis to do this. I bought some of what he's selling, and I enjoy it, and I feel like he deserves to be paid for this quality of work.)

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