Saturday, March 28, 2020

Back It Up

So, my computer got so screwed up by malware (installed via software I've used hassle-free for years) that I had to do a complete system restore. Fortunately most of my pictures were preserved, and most of my games were already on my external hard drive; but one of the things lost was my file I've been using for my world map in Hexographer.

Fortunately I had a few screenshots of parts of the map, so I won't have to rebuild the entire continent from memory. I've made a little progress already, and finally bit the bullet and upgraded to Worldographer - the interface takes a little getting used to, but it runs so much smoother. I'm also being more careful with my files, and have copied a backup of my work so far onto my external drive in addition to sending it to one of my partners.

Lesson learned: Back up your data before you have a total system failure.

My reconstruction so far; hopefully I can at least finish the Kingdom.