Friday, September 29, 2017

Change, changing places

A lot has been going on, both inside and outside cyberspace. In the "real world", I've had very little success in gathering people together for games - at least the kinds of games that I want to run or play. I've used that time in overhauling my hex-map of my campaign world, finally adding roads (or at least trails) and cleaning up the coastlines.

Here's a snippet of my campaign world, rendered in Hexographer.
(Scale: 1 hex = 6 miles. The tan lines [heh] are roads.)

In cyberland, I have been neglecting this blog, though that's mostly due to the lull in actual play; without continuing to run, I run out of new challenges and new ideas. Hopefully my attempts at getting a group together will produce results; at the very least, I can post about some of my ideas that I've been working on (and I will very shortly).

Meanwhile, Stelios of The Word of Stelios has converted his gaming blog into a writing blog. Thankfully, he hasn't deleted any of his old gaming-related posts, and his few posts on writing thus far have been quite specific and relatable (as opposed to just rehashing "advice for new writers" that I had to read a lot of in junior high). DM Wieg of Save Vs. Poison has also started posting again, with some interesting content; hopefully he'll be able to share some similar content as time and occasion permit.

I'll try not to neglect this blog as much, more for my own sake than for anyone else (though I am thankful for the comments of those who do read it!), and maybe get some feedback on a few ideas.