Sunday, December 3, 2017

Custom Mini: Roywyn Raulnor

In my previous post, I said that my DM bought us custom minis; they finally arrived last week, so here's mine!

Daggers, short arrows, and Fire Bolts - it's all the same to Roywyn.

This character's a gnome gnamed Roywyn Raulnor; her friends call her "Pock", allegedly. (I chose the name because I figured it would be too hard for everyone to pronounce, but they just call her Roywyn.) Since the DM is running D&D 5th Edition, she's a rogue with the "Arcane Trickster" archetype, but if I ran her in AD&D 1e or 2e - one can dream, I suppose - she would be a multi-classed illusionist/thief.

A brief comment on the new dark grey plastic that HeroForge is using: it's great. The detail is at least as sharp as a lot of Reaper's "Bones" miniatures (if not better), and so far it seems durable; nothing has broken off or crumbled as others have said happened with the older high-detail material. I should be getting an order of Bones minis in the mail shortly, and I may do a quick comparison of them then.

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