Saturday, May 13, 2017

 (Warning in advance: this brief post has strong language, and probably won't make any sense to anyone who isn't either me or an obsessive scourer of my previous posts.)

Fuck it; Duemerans aren't Anglo-Saxon any more, they're Mediterranean. There don't need to be two subraces of white humans; I've already got German dwarves, Irish halflings, and elves who speak Greek with a Received Pronunciation accent.

From this point forward, in my campaign, the default "Imperial" human ethnicity is one closer to ethnic Greeks and/or Italians in the "real world". This makes sense, since it was the Greeks and then the Romans who had major empires, only followed centuries later by the English - and the stereotype of Romans speaking with a "British" accent is 100% an artifact of the English idea that they were the successors of the Romans, much like the Romans (and the Byzantines, but that's a whole other kettle of fish) thought of themselves as the successors of the Greeks.

(Case in point: one of the free steampunk RPGs I downloaded years ago was titled Pax Britannica.)

There will probably be some artifacts of Anglo-Saxon stuff in the Duemerans. They will still speak English (as I am only fluent in English... although I might convert the elves to being French if my aptitude in the language increases sufficiently), and they'll probably have a Dark Ages tolerance of homosexuality, particularly with the pansexual polyamorous high elves and wood elves running around. Unless, of course, the aromantic asexual grey elves get their way.

Rambling now. Woke up too early after 4 days with no sugar (and therefore, no caffeine). It's 3:03am local time as I'm typing this, but I wanted to get it down in writing before I forgot.

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