Sunday, August 28, 2016

House Rule: Cloud Giant (B/X Class)

(Okay, here's something I whipped up in about half an hour. Some background: One of my players is willing to rejoin my AD&D2 campaign if he can play a giant character. Due to size, abilities, and its presence in The Complete Book of Humanoids, the best candidate for 2e is the Firbolg. However, I've been thinking of possibly, maybe converting that campaign back to B/X, so I put together this write-up based on the Expert Rulebook and the method of giant PCs from the aforementioned 2e splatbook.)

Level    Title                          Dice               Experience   
1          Giant Veteran            1d8 + 12        0
2          Giant Warrior            2d8 + 12        2,500
3          Giant Swordmaster    3d8 + 12        5,000
4          Giant Hero                 4d8 + 12       10,000
5          Giant Swashbuckler   5d8 + 12        20,000
6          Giant Myrmidon        6d8 + 12        40,000
7          Giant Champion        7d8 + 12        80,000
8          Giant Superhero        8d8 + 12        150,000

These fierce giants have white or gray skin and hair, and stand 20' tall. The prime requisite for cloud giants is Strength. A Strength score of 13 or greater will give the cloud giant a bonus on earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Cloud giants use eight-sided dice (d8) to determine their hit points, but they gain a bonus of 12 hit points at 1st level. They may advance to a maximum of 8th level of experience. They may not wear armor, and may only use human-scaled weapons that are designed for two-handed use (such as battle axes, two-handed swords, and pole arms), which they wield with one hand due to their great size. A cloud giant character must have both a minimum Strength and Constitution of 9.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Cloud giants use the same saving throws as dwarves and halflings. They have a natural Armor Class of 4; due to their great size, this cannot be improved by Dexterity bonuses (although Dexterity penalties may apply). When using standard weapons, cloud giants deal two dice of damage (roll the weapon's typical damage die twice, and add the results). In addition to the use of human weapons, cloud giants' might is such that they can hurl large boulders up to 200' for 3d6 damage.

Any time a cloud giant character has enough money, he or she may construct a castle. These are typically built in the sides of mountains or (with the assistance of powerful magic) atop masses of clouds. The guards will be 3-18 (3d6) giant hawks in the clouds or mountains, or 6-36 (6d6) dire wolves in the mountains.

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