Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Savage Worlds is pretty damned cool

So, this past Friday I had the chance to play in a Savage Worlds game. This was a lot of firsts for me; not only was it the first time I have gotten to play (rather than referee) in years, it was my first time playing a tabletop RPG that uses a point-buy system for character generation; my first go-round with a multi-genre system; and my first time playing in a group that was already well-established.

Fortunately, all of these went well; the point-buy system wasn't too hard to figure out with help from the GM (even if I do tend to be paralyzed by unlimited choice - and I do mean unlimited, since the GM had the superhero and Western books), the characters worked well together, and the group was fairly welcoming and willing to forgive my lack of SW experience. I played a mutant with transparent skin and hair, who has only one (extremely near-sighted) eye, and can pull out bones from the body which transform into bladed weapons.

I might write more about how this session went, in a later post, but right now I'm very excited by two other role-playing opportunities I have. The first is a possible spot as a player in an upcoming D&D 5th Edition game, which I also intend to write about if it does in fact happen. I'll leave the second for a slightly later post.

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