Sunday, December 6, 2015

Watch out where the huskies go...

Just a quick re-post of my comment on Timothy S. Brannan's post, in case the comments on that post ever get wiped due to a glitch or something.

Yellow Snow (slime/jelly/ooze), 2 HD
This crystalline, powdery mass is sometimes formed when a mustard jelly is frozen by an unusual magical effect, or created by a secret arcane spell. It will attempt to force itself into the face of any human, demihuman, or humanoid creature that approaches within 10 feet. On a successful normal attack roll, it deals only 1d3 points of frost damage, but also causes blindness for 2d6 turns. On a natural 20 (or when attacking a completely defenseless creature), it instead forces itself into the victim's mouth; the victim must save vs. Poison or die. The yellow snow is immune to cold and lightning, but takes double damage from heat.

Create Yellow Snow (M-U/E 1)
This spell turns an ordinary amount of snow roughly 1' x 1' into a handful of the deadly Yellow Snow. The material component is at least 1 vial's worth of dog or wolf urine.

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  1. Optional material component: Forty ounces of coffee.

    ...anyone? Anyone?