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House Rule: Lizardfolk character class (D&D B/X)


Level                    Title                         Exp. Points      Hit Dice
   1         Lizardfolk Veteran                        0                 1d8
   2         Lizardfolk Warrior                    2000               2d8
   3         Lizardfolk Weaponmaster         4000               3d8

Lizardfolk are humanoids with scaly skin, long tails, and sharp teeth, who are 6 to 7 feet tall and weigh about 200 pounds. They usually live in swamps or marshes, and are carnivorous, sometimes even eating humans and demi-humans in the wilderness. Because of this, they tend not to get along with humans.

The prime requisite for a lizardfolk character is Strength. A Strength score of 13 or greater will give a lizardfolk a bonus on earned experience points.

Restrictions: Lizardfolk use eight-sided dice (d8) to determine their hit points. They may advance to a maximum of 8th level of experience. They can wear only leather armor, but can use shields. Their weapons are limited to those which can be made without metal - axes, bows (except crossbows), maces, clubs, pole arms, slings, spears, and war hammers. A lizardfolk character must have a minimum Strength score of 9. Many humans and demi-humans distrust lizardfolk, and will react with a -1 in addition to any normal reaction adjustment by Charisma.

Special Abilities: Lizardfolk have infravision and can see 60 feet in the dark. They use the same saving throws as dwarves and halflings. Although their maximum movement rate is half that of other characters on land - 60’ (20’) instead of 120’ (40’) - they are not slowed by leather armor, and can swim through water at 120’ (40’). All lizardfolk speak Common and their own language, plus the languages of dragons, kobolds, and orcs.

From the AD&D Monster Manual.
(yes, I know he's holding a sword)

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