Monday, September 14, 2015

Demons Have Rectums, Too

As part of the adventure on which I took Sradan, the GM had us up against a demon (for which he used a gargoyle pawn, and had to keep reminding me that it was a demon, not a gargoyle) and his pet hell-hound. The devil dog is a story in and of itself, but the fight with the demon was an eventful one. Apparently, we weren't supposed to kill him just yet, but as one says, the best laid plans of mice...

Sradan struck a good blow on the demon, but because our cleric Carella had used the Bit of Luck power on me, I decided to roll the d20 again; it couldn't hurt, and I might even get a shot at some extra damage. I rolled it - natural 20. Rolled to confirm - success.

Now came the fun part. Since Sradan was doing his fighting with a spear (in lieu of the trident wielded by the miniature figure representing him), the damage on a critical hit was multiplied by 3. I rolled the damage die. I'd love to say it was a natural 8, but I honestly can't remember at this point; regardless, Sradan's various bonuses made the result an 8, multiplied by 3.

Taking 24 damage on a single roll? Even this mighty demon was felled.

Best of all, the GM decided I could describe how exactly I killed this demon with a single thrust. I told him that Sradan, gripping the shaft of his mighty spear, thrust the head deep inside the demon's bowels.

So, aside from prostitution and landscaping, the world's oldest profession (in Golarion, if nowhere else) seems to be freelance proctology.

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